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Host and TD -

BBO Weekend in Warwick

How much does it cost?

The weekend is at a fully inclusive price for full board.

The bridge fees are an additional charge :

Payable to the Hotel :

One person
in room
Two people
in room
Full board to include :
Dinner, room, breakfast and lunch.
(From dinner on Friday 7 January
to lunch on Sunday 9 January.)


For an extension of an additional night,
Dinner, room and breakfast.
(From dinner on Sunday 9 January
to breakfast on Monday 10 January.)



All the hotel charges are paid at the end of your stay directly to the hotel.

Payable to Malcolm Lunn

For Bridge Fees : Hire of room, tables & chairs, boards & cards and the cost of prizes.   £30.00

Malcolm will contact you nearer the date with information on how to pay the £30 Bridge Fee to him.