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WeLoveAcol Weekend in Luton

How much does the "Birthday Weekend" cost?

The weekend is at a fully inclusive price for full board.

The bridge fees are an additional charge :

Payable to the Hotel :

One person
in room
Two people
in room
Full board to include :
Room, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
(From dinner on Friday 13 September
to lunch on Sunday 15 September.)


For an extension of an additional night.
(From dinner on Sunday 15 September
to breakfast on Monday 16 September.)



All the hotel charges are paid to the hotel when booking.

Payable to WeLoveAcol

For Bridge Fees : Hire of room, tables & chairs, boards & cards and the cost of prizes.

Please pay direct to: -

Bank of Scotland
Name - We Love Acol
Account No - 18879963
Sort Code - 80-22-60
Please give your name in payment reference section.