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BBO Weekend - Coventry - 2008


From 11th to 13th January 2008, there was the second annual BBO get together at The Hilton in Coventry. It was organised by sceptic (Wayne) and geofspa (Geof). Our Tournament Director was again shintaro (Malcolm) who many of you will know from the club.

More than 70 people attended. Many who were there came last time too and it was great to renew old friendships and make new friends too.

Quite a few came for the first time and I know they enjoyed it immensely. People came from Holland, Germany and Greece. There was a lovely relaxed atmosphere all weekend.

The programme was a mixture of pairs and teams sessions. Our "expert" for the weekend was Bob McPhee (mcphee) who came all the way from Canada.

On Saturday morning, Bob took a Q&A session on the hands played on Friday night and talked with us for well over two hours. He is a very relaxed speaker and the way which he answered all the questions so informatively and entertainingly was brilliant. That afternoon and evening was taken up with two more pairs sessions.

0003.jpgOn Sunday we played two teams sessions. Scoring and moving from table to table was much easier than last year!

All the sessions were scored and the pairs and teams that came first were rewarded with prizes of wine and spirits. A special mention must go to the team of blueiris (Ann), badderzboy (Steve), archibald (Ron) and John400 (John) who narrowly squeaked home in the teams. Ann and Steve also came top overall in the pairs events over Friday and Saturday. Acol clubbers all!

Wayne has told me he intends to make this an annual event and plans further events in Scotland and Ireland. Keep checking the website for details.

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