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The Big Birthday Bash in Luton

September 2019

It was a privilege to be able to celebrate our birthdays with so many old friends some of whom in the bizarre ‘web world, we had never met! Together we have been through happy and deeply sad events but always been there for each other and that is the strength of the ACOL club on BBO. David entertained us in the evening with other hotel guests joining in with their jokes. Mark organised the reception and the party venues keeping us all well topped up with wine and nibbles.

At Mark’s seminar we learned what we should have done at the previous session, and we were taught about hand evaluation.

Poco did an incredible job keeping us all in order with everything running very smoothly in the bridge room. His friends and were amazing with all the help they gave and the loan of their equipment. Everyone won a prize with a lot of chocolate making its way back to all corners of Ireland and gallons of wine off to Scotland.

I was so touched to see how so many of you overcame some huge problems to join us in the spirit of friendship – huge hugs.

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