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Success for Two AcolatBBO Players

Manorlass & Kingsway

Manorlass and Kingsway (pictured) were successful in securing the top slot NS in a regional tournament in Scotland for newer players.

Scotland's East District (Edinburgh, Lothians, Borders and Fife) holds an annual tournament for those who are new to bridge.  There is a "No Fears" section for those attending lessons, while the "Next Steps" section is for those who have recently "graduated" to playing in regular club tournaments.

This year's event welcomed almost 100 players with ages ranging from juniors to those well into retirement.

There were two winning pairs in the Next Steps tournament (one for EW and for NS) and Manorlass and Kingsway, who travelled up to Edinburgh from Peebles, were triumphant in being the NS winners.  [See here for full details.]

This year's tournament was hosted in the Carlton Bridge Centre which moved to its new purpose built premises last year.  The event and fabulous Carlton hospitality was enjoyed by all the participants, and they requested that the District considers running such an event for new players more than once year year.