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Good Luck - Mark and the Welsh Team

Mark Roderick

Hi my name is Mark Roderick though many of you will know me better as Coch Draig. I recently accomplished one of my ‘Bridge Goals’ that I have set myself by being selected to represent Wales in the Camrose Trophy an annual event which I’ll tell you more about shortly. I had better start though by telling you a little about me.

I am 31 years old and live in a seaside town in South Wales with my parents. Although I have quite a large family, 2 brothers [1 older, 1 younger], an older sister, 3 Nephew's and 2 Nieces we are a very close family and see each other on a daily basis. I suffer from a form of Arthritis which was first diagnosed when I was only 11 months old but this has not prevented me from doing things that even able bodied people could only dream of, yet still I hope to accomplish many more goals in the future.

I was taught bridge in school at the age of 16 and soon discovered a natural understanding for the game. Within 6 months I was playing at my local club and really got bitten by the bridge bug. After 2 years of competing in local events I was selected to play for the Welsh Under 20 team and will remember that first match for a very long time.

I remained in the Welsh junior ranks all the way through to when I bowed out playing for the Welsh Under 25 team in the 2000 Junior Europeans held in Turkey. At this inaugural event players put bodies and minds through the toughest of challenges in sweltering heat but in doing so created for themselves memories, experiences and friends never to be forgotten.

Since returning from Turkey I have continued to grow and evolve [I hope] as a player and now the burning ambition to one day play for the full Welsh side is actually going to happen.

What is the Camrose Trophy though and why is it so important? Well here is a brief profile of the Camrose Trophy and how it all began.