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Howto ... Find the Acol Club
The Acol Club is a special club hosted by BBO for Acol players.  It is a public (not private) club and is open to anyone to visit and play.  There is no need to "join".
In the Acol Club you can :
Howto ... Join a Tourney
The Acol Club sponsors Tournaments - both for pairs and individuals.  You need to find and join the Tournament in which you want to play.
You need permission to join our Tourneys before you play in your first one - if you play Acol, you are more than welcome.  Here we tell you howto ...
Howto ... Join a Teams Match
We run Teams Matches on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, and encourage "ad hoc" matches at other times.
You can set up and play in your own Teams Matches, so here we tell you howto ...