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BBO capacity upgrade

If you enter tournaments
you need to read this page.

Click here for the BBO announcement.

If you play at a normal casual table - you will miss your call to play in
any tournament that you have
registered for. Read on -

BBO has made some short-term changes to increase its capacity - especially during the current pandemic. These changes will be developed over the next few days and weeks, and we will try to keep pace with those changes.

As from 11 May 2020 the Casual part of BBO will be on a separate server. This will give greater capacity in this and the other sections of BBO.

If you intend to play in a tournament, a team match or another competitive environment, you will enter the Competitive section. Here you will register for a tournament. If, and only if, you remain in the Competitive section will you be automatically seated in the tournament when it starts.

You will enter the Casual section to play your usual games of bridge in the Main Bridge Club, the Relaxed Bridge Club and the other public or private clubs - like the Acol Players' Club. However, if you are in this Casual section, you will not be seated in your tournament and you will miss your place.

The following is our current understanding of the situation.

When you login to BBO you will see the main menu:

At this point you can click Competitive to play in tournament, team match or some other challenge:

You will typically choose Free Tournaments to find our tourneys, and register for that tournament in the usual way.

You must now ensure that you stay in the Competitive section - or return there in good time before the tournament starts. If, and only if, you are in the Competitive section will you be called to your tournament and seated at your table. If you leave the Competitive section, and do not return in time, your tournament will start without you.

Very often, when you login to BBO you will click Casual to play a few ordinary hands of bridge:

Here you can play an ordinary set of bridge hands in any of the clubs like the Acol Players' Club or the Total Points Club. But you will not be called to any tournament or any othe competitive game that you have registered for. You will miss that event.

If you are in the Casual section in order to play a few hands while you wait for your tournament to start - keep you eyes on the time. You must click that "Back" button at the top of your screen and return to the Competitive section before your tournament starts.