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Improve Your Bridge with Mark

Note the timings.

The lessons will be on different days and at various times to suit Mark's working pattern, as he moves around the country.

They will usually be
at 3.00pm on Sunday,
or at 6.30pm on Wednesday.

Watch out for announcements in the Acol Club or during the Saturday (and other) tourneys.

The short course of structured lessons in February will now mature into a practical examination of real hands.

Every lesson will last about 1 hour.

The lessons will be held in the Acol Players' Club, where Mark (markl) will open a teaching table to all interested players shortly before each lesson starts.

The lessons will be a review of the tournament hands from the Acol Club Saturday morning Swiss Tournament.

We will look at each hand, and discuss the various possible contracts, and look how the best result could be achieved.

This lesson will be aimed at Intermediate level, but will be of interest to players of all standards.

Mark will use BBO voice commentary during the lesson, so you should use the web version and have sound on your computer and your speakers switched on.

Even though the lesson will review tournament hands, it should be of interest, even if you did not play in the tournament.