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BBO Weekend - Coventry - 2007

From 12th to 14th January 2007, there was a BBO get together at The Hilton Hotel in Coventry. It was organised by sceptic, aacol, geofspa and dblqueen. Our Tournament Director was shintaro who many of you will know from the club.

More than 80 people attended. It was a brilliant occasion for everyone who was there. We got to meet and get to know so many of our friends who we had only ever known online. To see everyone face to face was simply amazing. To play with them was incredible. There was a terrific atmosphere of friendship and togetherness.

The programme was a mixture of pairs and teams sessions. On Friday night we had the pleasure of playing with Michelle Brunner and John Holland, world class players and our star guests.

They were so friendly and charming that it wasn't intimidating at all playing with them!

On Saturday morning, Michelle took a Q&A session on the hands played on Friday night and talked with us for well over two hours. She is a captivating speaker and the way which she answered all the questions so informatively and entertainingly was just awe inspiring.

That afternoon and evening was taken up with two more pairs sessions.

On Sunday we played two teams sessions. Scoring and moving from table to table was chaotic at times, but no less enjoyable for it!

Two teams of juniors from Warwick University came to play with us - led by Griffenmac and Mickyb. Their systems were incredibly complicated but this made playing with them even more interesting!

All the sessions were scored and the pairs and teams that came first were rewarded with prizes presented by Joy, geofspa's wife. We hope to reproduce the league tables on this website soon.

After two great days playing bridge, eating, drinking, talking into the wee small hours and generally having a wonderful time, the weekend came to an end on late Sunday afternoon with the final teams session. After much hugging and perhaps a tear or two, everyone slowly wended their way home.

Many said that they would like another event like this and perhaps another will be arranged soon.

Watch this space!