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Howto ... ...

Welcome to our "Howto ..." section.

Here we will show you how to join in the games, teams matches and tournaments which are on offer here in the Acol Club.

We will not show you how to create an acount with BBO (if you need to do this - check this page) or how to make the various changes to font sizes, colours, screen lay-out, etc.  You will find help files on BBO websites to help you with those.

We will cover only those things which are particular to the Acol Club.

There are two versions of BBO - the "Windows" version and the "Browser" version.  We need to know which version you are using because our "Howto ..." instructions are different for each version.  So - click on your version below, then you will move on to the detailed help files:

Click on this screenshot if you use the "Browser" version.

This is the login screen for the new "Browser" version. It has been the preferred version for several years now, and has been the only version available to players who created their account since September 2012.

Variations of this version are available for most computers, tabs, phones, etc which will run a browser. Our instructions and screen shots will be relevant to a desktop computer - you should be able to work out the equivalent action for other machines.

Click on this screenshot if you use the "Windows" version.

This is the login screen for the old "Windows" version. It was first published in 2001 but has not been updated now for several years.

If you created your BBO account before September 2012 you can use this old version but newer players are not able to use it.