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Howto ... ...

Version 3 is here

First there was version 1, then version 2, but now all players should use version 3.

In a few months, that will be the only version available.

Over the next few days we will update our Howto ... ... files, so watch this space.

We have made a start here.

First, there was Version 1 - a Windows programme used for many years until September 2012.

Then came Version 2 - a browser implementation, using Adobe Flash. This version is coming to an end as Flash will not be supported from December 2020.

So now we have Version 3 - which uses the most modern version of the browser language, HTML 5.

Any members who are able to use versions 1 or 2 already know what they are doing and no longer need the help of these "Howto ... ..." pages. so we have removed them.

Click the link in the golden box above for the introduction to Version 3. It is not yet complete but we hope that it is of help.