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Improve your bridge - by Mark (markl)

Mark (markl) is starting regular free lessons for our members.

These lessons will cover a variety of topics from Declarer Play, Opening Leads, Conventions and Defence.

He will use the Web version of BBO and will use BBO's Voice commentary to deliver the lesson. You will need to have sound on your computer, and you will also need to use the Web version of BBO in order to listen to the Commentary and benefit from the lesson.

Typically one or two pupils will take the hot seat and play the hands - these players will be able to speak to the table, explaining their thought process.

Kibitzers will be able to look at only one of the players' hands (set by Mark) and will be able to type comments to the gallery (not the players). Mark will then usually respond, time permitting, to the gallery.

When the pupils have completed the hand, Mark will discuss the hand, decisions made and demonstrate the learning point of the hand.

Each lesson will last approximately one hour and will introduce an important topic - the lesson's aim will be to get you thinking a little more and to help you to improve your game.

If you require further in-depth training, then this is available privately from Mark.

Mark will post the notes from the lesson on the internet. These notes will be available for a short while after the lesson.

The lessons will be usually set at Intermediate/Beginner standard. Occasionally Advanced or even Expert lessons will be offered. Everyone is welcome to attend all lessons, but in order to reach the target audience, Mark will usually limit chat/questions to players of the appropriate level. This will often mean that questions which are of a different standard will be dealt with after the lesson has finished.

This is an experimental way of group training, and Mark would welcome feedback. He is more than happy to change the way he delivers lessons, and will listen and react to your comments.