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BBO Weekend - Warwick - June 2018

The 19th get together at
The Hilton Hotel in Warwick
was held on 15-17 June 2018.

w01 s01 w02

Next BBO Weekend

The next BBO Weekend will be held on
11 - 13 January 2019.

Details will follow
in the next few weeks.

m01 m02 w03 s02 w04


Pairs - Session 1
Pairs - Session 2
Pairs - Session 3
Pairs - Overall
Sunday Swiss Teams

w05 s03 m03 m04 s04 w06 m05 m06 s05

Please Note -
It has not always been possible to check that all those included in the these photographs are happy with our publishing them. If you want a photograph to be removed please email the webmaster and we will remove offending items immediately.

m07 m08 s06 w07 m09

Those of us who stayed
over until Monday had
the benefit of :
Another comfortable night;
A drive home in daylight; and
A "Hilton Dinner".

w08 s07 s08 w09 w10 s09