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BBO Weekend - January 2020

The 22nd get together at
The Hilton Hotel in Warwickshire
was held on 17-19 January 2020.

There have been eighteen “Warwicks” under the aegis of Malcolm. Each one that I’ve attended has been memorable. So it’s a temptation to compare and contrast - something you can do for yourselves by looking at all the photos on the AcolatBBO Club website (thank you J.K. for facilitating this).

For me, this weekend’s gathering was amongst the best. Everyone seemed to gel together - we even tolerated some of Malcolm’s old jokes and that’s the only thing I will not miss !

Dear friends - weren’t we so lucky to have such a fabulous time together. The venue is near perfect, the hotel quite the best for such things (although it’s sad that the heating seemed not to be working properly this time). The staff were kind and lovely - quite superb in fact. The food was very good (although In my opinion there was a little too much gammon on offer on occasions). And I think it fair to say the Bridge standard was better than ever - I hope you agree.

This was the 18th Warwick and it has been quite a triumph. But I greeted Malcolm’s declaration that he would no longer sponsor any more “Warwicks” with great sadness.

Malcolm and Cath, with the back-up team of Chris, Stephen and Clive - not to forget the great contribution made by Jennifer to record events - together you have carried this thing through for ten years or so with aplomb and acclaim - thank you all so much.

Ken, Fluxions



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