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Howto ... ...Create a BBO Account

So you are new to BBO and want to create a BBO Account?

There are two versions of the BBO software:

The old "Windows" version 
This version is no longer supported (but it still works very well). It works only with Microsoft Windows - all versions since "XP".
You can download the software here.
If you first created your account with BBO before September 2012, you will be able to use this software, otherwise it will not work for you.
The new "Browser" version
This has been the preferred version for several years now, and has been the only version available to players who created their account since September 2012.
Variations of this version are available for most computers, tabs, phones, etc which will run a browser. You play, using this version, on the web - there is no need to download any software.
Click here to play (you may want to create a shortcut for this address, or save it as a 'favorite').
Stop Press - February 2017
Players who have stayed with the "Windows" version are now being moved over to the "Browser" version.
A few (very few) players who have particular needs or methods are being allowed to remain but, generally, the "Windows" version is on the way out and all players will have been moved over the next short period..
Nevertheless - for those few players who remain with the "Windows" version - we will continue to include the "howtos ..." for the "Windows" version for a while longer.