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Play Classes with Alan (cedar)

Note the timings.

The lessons are on
Sundays at 8.00pm

This event is effectively a play class. It starts at 20.00 UK time and continues for an hour and a half although it often runs over. Four volunteers sit at a teaching table that I have created and play a hand. These hands are random. Normally I then compliment them on their bidding and play. On rare occasions I may suggest alternative bidding sequences or plays that could have been done differently, either by the declarer or by the defence. In such instances I try to cover the background theory to explain why such plays are preferred over the one chosen at the table.

After two hands are played, players are requested to leave the table on an informal rota system and new victims, sorry, volunteers, are invited to take their place. Anybody is allowed to take a seat, even if they have never played at the table previously, provided they are a kibitzer at the table when they apply to sit.

Occasionally I cut a play class short to give a talk on a specialist topic. These topics are always announced beforehand at one of the classes one or two weeks in advance. For instance, in the past I have given talks on how to use control showing bids (aka cue bids) and also how to continue after partner has made a splinter bid. As I write this I am about to give a talk next week on the theory of the forcing pass. Such talks usually last about 45 minutes.

All are welcome.