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Acol Bidding in our Indi Tourneys

Bids must not be explained to partner.

All alerts and explanations must be made privately to opponents - not to partner or to the table.

All players in our Indi Tourneys must use the Acol bidding system :

  1. Unless a pair (when first arriving at a table) agrees anything different or additional, they will play the whole of the following basic system :
  2. Weak 1 NT = 12/144 Card Majors

          (not puppet or extended)

    Transfers to majors
          (except after X or overcall)
    2clubs = strong game force, or 23+ balanced hand
    Weak other 2 bids (not benji)Blackwood
    Strong jump shift responsesWeak jump overcalls
    Takeout XNegative X
    4NT over actual or effective NT opening is quantative slam invitation
    HELD discards
    None of the above bids need to be alerted. They should, however, be explained to opponents upon request.
  3. A pair may play other bids including the following, but must agree to do so at the beginning of the round :
  4. benji (ordinary or reverse) three strong 2 bids
    splinters gerber
    Unusual NTRKCB 0314 (or as agreed)
    unassuming cue bidmichaels cue bid
    landygambling 3NT
    All of these additional bids must be alerted to opps (not to partner or to the table).
  5. A player may make any other bid which has not been agreed with partner (except a Psyche or HUM).  In this case no explanation may be given to the bidder's partner and :
    • If the bidder expects the partner to interpret the bid using only 'common bridge knowledge', no alert or explanation shall be given to opponents other than "No agreement".
    • If the bidder and partner have previous experience together which will help the partner to interpret the bid then the bidder shall give the opponents a full explanation.