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Saturday Tourney - Hall Of Fame

Click here for the :

Roll of Honour
League Table.

This Tourney is played at 9.15am (UK time) on Saturdays.
Click on the blue dates below for the travellers
of the Tourney on that date. (You will need your BBO username and password.)
Click on the name of the winners for the Leaderboard.

DateWinning PlayerMatch
    2nd    3rd
6:11:2021 Doug4339+southcross 32 cynta+mtdearden icon u+cmsjw5
13:11:2021 skx+cmsjw5 28 pmcavoy+hopespring keithdarle+cynta
20:11:2021 keith47+lindyd 26 anpierre+malco cmsjw5+skx
27:11:2021 senorfueda+Icon U 32 sinoda100+echo200 nhh57+friizi
4:12:2021 bosscat+ianp1970 28 mtdearden+cynta scottdunda+egg46
11:12:2021 js138+kladenak 30 sinoda100+echo200 pmcavoy+Doug4339
18:12:2021 Welshi+billlw 32 keith47+lindyd kladenak+js138
25:12:2021No Tourney - Christmas Day
1:01:2022No Tourney - New Year's Day
8:01:2022 pmcavoy+hopespring 30 nhh57+friizi diap16+alimonty
15:01:2022 sinoda100+echo200 32 dori_bg+Dart Vader ria mm+12roger
22:01:2022 DukeofShef+Varadi 30 keith47+lindyd sinoda100+echo200
29:01:2022 sinoda100+echo200 32 keith47+lindyd ZsugasVili+ria mm