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Sunday Bash Tourney - Hall Of Fame

Click here for the :

Roll of Honour
League Table.

This Tourney is played at 9.15am (UK time) on Sundays.
Click on the blue dates below for the travellers
of the Tourney on that date. (You will need your BBO username and password.)
Click on the name of the winners for the Leaderboard.

DateWinning PlayerMatch
    2nd    3rd
7:02:2021 mx5gal+Fivewalker 54 tonywilk+JillyTot YorkieShe+NJBard
14:02:2021 Leswa+Ian Thoms 48 friizi+nhh57 bonniken+js138
21:02:2021 lastto+eva1 52 bosscat+ianp1970 sundancejo+Icon U
28:02:2021 zargul+hanal 52 Doug4339+DukeofShef brucemca+cmsjw5
7:03:2021 a4ant+SimonR2 50 icon u+sundancejo NJBard+YorkieShe
14:03:2021 engsetter1+senorfueda 54 bosscat+ianp1970 kastan88+Isabelle10
21:03:2021 groberts+a skylark 52 pipin+zargul 7pat+amoh
28:03:2021 Go Pack Go+takegameez 30 DrAculea+engsetter1 brucemca+cmsjw5
4:04:2021 donnau+nesa2 46 romrol+Gentgiant ace37+Doug4339
11:04:2021 Malco+egg46 48 bosscat+ianp1970 lastto+eva1
18:04:2021 isabelle10+kastan88 44 keith47+LindyD friizi+nhh57
25:04:2021 Welshi+billlw 40 keith47+LindyD Lovely007+CYBIT