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Sunday Bash Tournament

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This is a swiss pairs, IMPs tourney held at 9.15am on every Sunday.

This league finishes on 30 April and at the end of each subsequent quarter.

Each quarter consists of 13 or more weeks and there will be a tournament in at least 8 of those weeks - to allow for off-days. If there are more than 8 tournaments held then the additional ones will count. Players who have missed one or more tournaments can thus reach the expected 8 matches, other players will only have their best 8 results count towards the league (the other, worse, results will be discarded).

Roll of Honour :

Quarter ended
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weekly list)
(click for full table)
   2nd   3rd
31:07:2022    in progress
30:04:2022 270echo200/sinoda100 250YorkieShe
31:01:2022 300echo200/sinoda100 282groberts
31:10:2021 274moragb/Watmo 264YorkieShe
31:07:2021 302friizi/nhh57 292icon u/sundancejo
30:04:2021 332icon u/sundancejo 330NJBard/YorkieShe
31:01:2021 351Isabelle10/kastan88 347Anpierre/s138tq
31:10:2020 372gbs1/simps 3537Pat
31:07:2020 409gbs1/simps 408friizi/nhh57
30:04:2020 289s138tq 28812three/Hilbre
31:01:2020 203Cape 101 202YorkieShe 193Icon U/s138tq/sundancejo
31:10:2019 212icon u 209poco1 205senorfueda/skx
31:07:2019 215glyn1/Varadi 210nesa2
30:04:2019 226glyn1/keith47/lindyd/Varadi
31:01:2019 249cham2/poco1 244Cape 101
31:10:2018 246kladenak 238anpierre/kaycare
31:07:2018 254keith47/lindyd 242kaycare
30:04:2018 236a skylark/anpierre/kaycare
31:01:2018 194cham2/poco1 1920 1236789
31:10:2017 228keith47/lindyd 214cham2/poco1
31:07:2017 227a skylark 223donnau/nesa2
30:04:2017 21012three/lenkic2 203kastan88/keith47/lindyd
31:01:2017 206bishopm 204anpierre/kaycare
31:10:2016 217friizi/nekthen 205Icon U
31:07:2016 261anpierre/kaycare 243antepa
30:04:2016 250keith47 22312three/lindyd
31:01:2016 230lewgr/manxmanx 229dympna/mianheneb
31:10:2015 256bishopm 251kaycare 247anpierre
31:07:2015 254ann21 232dympna/lindyd/mianheneb
30:04:2015 205lindyd 198anpierre/cynta/kaycare
31:01:2015 254keith47/lindyd 218dympna/mianheneb
31:10:2014 23512three/Blackpuddi 231keith47/lindyd
31:07:2014 232nesa2 22912three 224keith47/lindyd
30:04:2014 238LghtnngRod 234YorkieShe 233kladenak
31:01:2014 227ann21 220kladenak 21512three
31:10:2013 254anpierre/kaycare 241ann21
31:07:2013 231Annie T/Tramticket 227maidmarion/MARKH001
30:04:2013 2750 1236789/kladenak 245keith47/lindyd/Tramticket
31:01:2013 246Annie T 240Tramticket 237dumbiller
31:10:2012 231Annie T 205Tramticket 201keith47/lindyd
31:07:2012 223anpierre/kaycare 221peterjd
30:04:2012 234Annie T/Tramticket 22612three/Hibre/maidmarion
31:01:2012 195Annie T/Tramticket 189anpierre/kaycare
31:10:2011 269Annie T 243anpierre 242lindyd
31:07:2011 259cyanide 258howi1111 257Annie T
30:04:2011 246Annie T 241Tramticket 232lindyd/welshalan
31:01:2011 239Ivy126 226bob1952 224Lozenge
31:10:2010 249Howi1111 220amms 219kaycare
31:07:2010 213Ivy126 208jomiro 205YorkieShe
30:04:2010 174Lozenge 169malco 167YorkieShe
31:01:2010 170amms/kaligraph 155ann21/Lozenge
31:10:2009 169Joe A90 165Lozenge 155kaligraph