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Thursday Impressionists Tournament

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This is a swiss pairs, IMPs tourney held at 8.00pm on every Thursday.

This league finishes on 31 May and at the end of each subsequent quarter.

Each quarter consists of 13 or more weeks and there will be a tournament in at least 8 of those weeks - to allow for off-days. If there are more than 8 tournaments held then the additional ones will count. Players who have missed one or more tournaments can thus reach the expected 8 matches, other players will only have their best 8 results count towards the league (the other, worse, results will be discarded).

Roll of Honour :

Quarter ended
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weekly list)
(click for full table)
   2nd   3rd
31:05:2021    in progress
28:02:2021 2033jim/cynta 197Anpierre
30:11:2020 1964THSuit/Blueclub9 1933jim
31:08:2020 157hopespring 156Anpierre/casey2
31:05:2020 172Anpierre/casey2/NJBard/treasurer3
29:02:2020 172dellla88/s138tq 166anpierre/casey2
30:11:2019 173POCO1 154keithdarle 151anpierre/casey2
31:08:2019 1654THSuit/Blueclub9 153nekthen
31:05:2019 1714THSuit/Blueclub9 162patric56
28:02:2019 206a skylark 201kastan88 187anpierre/casey2
30:11:2018 168anpierre 1640 1236789 163cham2/kaycare/poco1
31:08:2018 182john dick/macdude 1810 1236789
31:05:2018 176cham2/poco1 163patric56
28:02:2018 1884thsuit/blueclub9 172anpierre
30:11:2017 1734thsuit/blueclub9 172darwinfish
31:08:2017 2040 1236789/abcxza 202lackagh
31:05:2017 192john dick 189anpierre 1824THSuit
28:02:2017 192john dick 1900 1236789 187abcxza
30:11:2016 191anpierre/casey2 1714THSuit/blueclub9
31:08:2016 176lewgr/manxmanx 171lackagh
31:05:2016 184anpierre 179john dick 173manxmanx
28:02:2016 199blueclub9 1864THSuit 181de faoite
30:11:2015 2050 1236789 194bishopm 193kladenak
31:08:2015 176john dick 169anpierre 161casey2
31:05:2015 184john dick 176abcxza 166anpierre
28:02:2015 182anpierre/casey2 171ann21
30:11:2014 183john401 166bishopm/blueclub9
31:08:2014 184blueclub9 175john dick 1734THSuit
31:05:2014 1924THSuit/blueclub9 189john dick
28:02:2014 1574THSuit/blueclub9 156joshua76
30:11:2013 183john401 167anpierre 148casey2
31:08:2013 172kladenak 166anpierre 164dextrous9/moissieu
31:05:2013 187anpierre 164Dockerman 156amms
28:02:2013 1914THSuit 187blueclub9 181malco
30:11:2012 199anpierre 195casey2 1874THSuit/blueclub9
31:08:2012 196anpierre 193zaczaczac 192lackagh
31:05:2012 164anpierre 159abcxza/casey2
29:02:2012 1924THSuit/blueclub9 178lindyd
30:11:2011 202anpierre 186cerberus37 171MiWi/rcat57
31:08:2011 213blueclub9 2054THSuit 196rcat57
31:05:2011 213aintree 195rcat57 194moonface7
28:02:2011 219lindyd 2154THSuit/blueclub9
30:11:2010 183bob1952/ivy126 176blueclub9
31:08:2010 188Shimnadale 182welshalan 181lindyd
31:05:2010 160Aintree 156keefyj 155Blackpuddi
28:02:2010 175Lozenge 162blueclub9 157V A
30:11:2009 161blueclub9 1544THSuit 147lindyd/welshalan
31:08:2009 156ann21/shintaro 147ssukaye
31:05:2009 109Old York 108Lozenge 101thorley
28:02:2009 143hewibill 129bbmap/Feegle
30:11:2008 116shintaro 114ospreyx 109alskie
31:08:2008 95gemstone2 82ann21 79gypsy1308